Join ABF

Become a member of an Alabama Bass Federation, Inc., affiliated club and be eligible to fish our Qualifying Tournaments and State Tournament with the opportunity to advance to District 4 National Semi-Finals Tournament, National Tournament, BFL All American Tournament and FLW Cup Tournament.

(1)    Join an existing Alabama Bass Federation, Inc. affiliated club
(2)    Start a new club only need six members, annual state dues for club is $30.00
(3)    All members must join The Bass Federation (TBF) and Forrest L Woods Outdoors (FLW)
(4)    Existing club may have set dues
(5)    All TBF / FLW membership dues which is $50.00 annually must be paid through the club/state federation, which includes FULL TBF & FLW competitor membership.
(6)    Membership comes with TBF/ FLW benefits, discounts, priority registration and insurance for your club and events

In 2017 season 10% of our total participation field will qualify to advance to the District 4 National Semi-Finals Tournament.  An angler and co-angler from each eligible club will also have the opportunity to advance to the District 4 National Semi-Finals Tournament.  Top finishing Alabama and Mississippi angler / co-angler will advance to the 2018 TBF National Tournament.

Top finishing angler and co-angler of the TBF National Tournament will win the “Living the Dream” packages, $100,000.00 and $30,000.00 prize package which includes:


(1)    Prize Check
(2)    Advance to Forrest Wood Cup for shot a winning the biggest payday in bass fishing
(3)    Fully paid entry fees on the FLW Tour as a Pro
(4)    Travel expense stipend for each event
(5)    Use of a “Living the Dream” wrapped Ranger boat for the year
(6)    Use of an official tow vehicle to pull your ranger boat for the year if needed
(7)    Boater spot in the BFL all American
(8)    Clothing Package
(9)    Media package, press kits and trading cards


(1)    Prize check
(2)    Fully paid entry fees into the FLW tournament series of choice
(3)    Travel expense stipend for each event
(4)    BFL all American spot as a co-angler win up to 80K
(5)    Clothing package
(6)    Media package, press kits and trading cards

If you’re interested in fishing our 2017 tournament season and the opportunity for advancement to National Semi-Finals, National, BFL All American and FLW tournaments come JOIN US.

If you register for a qualifying tournament / state tournament with a guaranteed co-angler link you may have the opportunity to fish alone, depending on the availability of co-anglers.  Parings are computer generated.

Becoming a member is simple follow this link to Membership Registration. We have clubs available just select the club that’s nearest your location.

If you want to join an established Alabama Bass Federation, Inc., club or want to start a new club email [email protected].  If you have any questions or need assistance give us a call at (334) 201-4135.