Alabama Bass Federation Trail


Alabama Bass Federation Tournament Trail

Alabama Bass Federation Inc. is affiliated with The Bass Federation (TBF) and Fishing League Worldwide (FLW). Eligibility to compete in Alabama Bass Federation, Inc., Minn Kota Trail Tournaments is limited to members who are in good standing of an Alabama Bass Federation, Inc., Charter / Club. There are four qualifying tournaments; each qualifying tournament is a one day event during the months of February, March, April and May, followed by the State Championship Tournament, a two day event, in the fall.  At each qualifying tournament participants placing in top 50 are qualified to compete at the State Championship Tournament.

Anger and Co-Angler, Angler of Year points will be accrued at each Qualifying Tournament and the State Championship Tournament with 200 points awarded to the 1st place finisher; 199 points to the 2nd place finisher, etc., 50 points will be awarded to anglers that did not weight a fish.   At the State Championship Tournament, Angler of Year points will be determined by the cumulative total of the two day event.   Of the four (4) Qualifying Tournaments the lowest AOY points will be dropped.   Therefore the final AOY Points will be the cumulative total the three (3) highest Qualifying Tournament AOY points and the State Championship AOY points.  

The 2016 tournament season was the close of State Team concept and the introduction of the TBF National Semi-Finals Tournament series, wherein qualified participates of State Federations compete for the opportunity for advancement to the TBF National Championship Tournament and the opportunity to advance to the BFL – All American and FLW Cup Tournaments.  Participate eligibility at the National Semi-Finals Tournament will be based on 10% of the States overall 2016 participation numbers (with a minimum of 12 anglers) and one Angler and one Co-Angler from each eligible State Club may compete at the National Semi-Finals Tournament. For an Alabama Bass Federation, Inc., Club to be eligible to have an Angler and Co-Angler to participate at the National Semi-Finals Tournament membership of that club must have participated in a least two Alabama Bass Federation, Inc., Qualifying Tournaments and qualify and participate in the State Championship Tournament.

Eligibility to Compete at the 2018 National Semi-Finals Tournament

The selection will be composed as follows:
Top twelve (12) Anglers from the Angler of Year Standings
Top twelve (12) Anglers from the Co-Angler of Year Standings
Top eight (8) Anglers at the State Championship Tournament
Top eight (8) Co-Anglers at the State Championship Tournament
Winning Angler and Co-Angler of each Qualifying Tournament that fishes two Qualifying Tournaments and both days of the State Tournament

Depending on participate percentage numbers any remain eligible anglers will advance from the AOY Standings
One Angler and Co-Angler from eligible State Clubs

Anglers and Co-Anglers must fish two Qualifying Tournaments and qualify to fish the State Championship Tournament.   A member must qualify in the top 50 at a qualifying tournament to secure a birth in the State Championship Tournament.

If an Angler(s) dual qualifies (example top twelve of Angler or Co-Angler AOY and finished in the top eight at the State Championship Tournament the next top finisher(s) of the AOY Standings will eligible to participate at the National Semi-Finals Tournament.

Eligible Alabama Bass Federation, Inc., anglers will be contenders at TBF District 4, National Semi-Finals Tournament which will be scheduled for  some time in October 2018 competing against angler of Mississippi State Federation.. The top Anglers and Co-Anglers of each State will advance to the Federation National Tournament which will be held during the spring of the 2019. The top angler and co-angler from each Division will then advance to the BFL – All American Tournament, National Champion Boater advances to Forrest Wood Cup. Angler and Co-Angler National Champion will receive Living The Dream packages, significant cash and prized for Anglers and Co-Anglers.