Alabama Bass Federation, Inc.

The Alabama Bass Federation Inc. is one of the forty-seven states and international federations that make up the amateur arm of The Bass Federation, Inc. Alabama is one of the largest state federations with members in clubs across the State, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi . Alabama Federation members are grass roots anglers, dedicated to the future of Bass fishing. We promote “catch and release” and are very protective of the natural resources surrounding our sport.

WE DO MORE THAN FISH!  We have been an active voice in the ongoing “water wars” with Georgia and Florida. The Federation lobbied for safe boating laws which have lowered fatalities. These laws now serve as models for other states. We’ve helped sponsor informative public meetings in each county with the Alabama Department of Conservation, Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division, to promote a better understanding of hunting and fishing regulations. Bass Chapter members have worked with state officials and Alabama Power to protect and enhance Bass habitat – which, after all, is your water. Federation clubs conduct benefit Bass tournaments throughout the state making thousands of dollars for breast cancer research, crippled children, diabetes, hospice care, and many other charities. Our Youth Director coordinates several fishing events in the state.  Junior / High Scholl Tournament Trails are also managed by the Youth Director. Federation members are actively pushing for better conservation practices. They promote fishing throughout their communities, conduct community service projects, and introduce children to fishing.

ALABAMA FEDERATION TOURNAMENT TRAIL Fishing is a major American institution. More people fish (approximately 60 million) than play golf (20 million) and tennis (17.3 million) combined. About half of those who fish in the United States fish for Bass. Our members share a common interest – tournament fishing. Every year, the Alabama Bass Federation Inc. conducts five Bass tournaments. Our one-day qualifying tournaments are held during the months of February,March, April and May. The two-day State Championship is held on the either the latter part of September or early October. The top 50 from each qualifying tournament are eligible to compete in the State Championship. Federation Bass clubs may send six-man teams to each regional tournament. An angler may qualify for the State Championship by being a member of a winning team in a regional tournament. Anglers and C0-Anglers compete in separate divisions therefore there are separated entry fees and tournament payout schedules.  Anglers are encouraged to provide their on Angler / Co-Angler links.

WHY FISH FEDERATION TOURNAMENTS? Federation anglers have a passion for Bass fishing combined with a competitive nature. The Alabama Bass Federation Inc. Tournament Trail provides the opportunity for our tournament fisherman to advance TBF Southern Divisional, National, All American and the prestigious FLW Championship Tournament Trail.  Each year two Alabama Bass Federation Anglers have this opportunity.  There are monetary rewards along the way, but what each of our members seeks most is to compete in a major Championship Trail.

THE ECONOMICS OF Bass TOURNAMENTS Fishing is an American pastime with approximately one in five people in the United States that fish. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service statistics, 43 percent of those who fish do so for black Bass – primarily largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted Bass. Thirty million Bass anglers are the basis for a $60 billion industry. Federation tournaments draw fishermen from all over Alabama and surrounding states. The economic impact of Bass tournaments has been well documented. A study done by Hobson Bryan, Ph.D. at The University of Alabama on a Bass Federation tournament in March 2000 on Lake Tuscaloosa indicated that contestants averaged four practice visits tot he lake before the week of the tournament. The average expenditure per contestant was approximately $1,100. With over 300 anglers, the direct economic impact was $330,000. A multiplier of three (i.e., the average number of times this money will circulate through the local economy) accounted for an economic impact of over $1 million. He also stated that “the value to communities of such events in the terms of publicity and repeat visitation is equal to roughly half the immediate economic impacts.

IN CONCLUSION… The Alabama Bass Federation Inc. is dedicated to the sport of Bass fishing. It is a tournament trail that is organized to protect and promote the continuing sport of fishing.